Swine breeding

Swine breeding

Mavin is the 3rd largest swine breeding company in the market. Mavin has the best pure swine genetics and the best breeding technolgy and procedures in Vietnam. With the founding stock imported from a reputable pig breeder from the United Kingdom, Mavin has created high quality breeds, adapt well to the climate environment of Vietnam.

The advantages of Mavin’s farming are: good genetic, good breeds, modern breeding techniques, strict quality control, large and methodical investment, link to a close supply chain of Mavin Group.

Nhon Tan farm - 1 of 4 Mavin's hi-tech swine breeding center is located in Binh Dinh. This is the most modern pig farm in the Central region of Vietnam, with an investment of up to nearly 4 million USD, meeting European standards.

Currently Mavin Farm owns high technology Swine Genetics Centres, cooperating with nearly 100 farmers nationwide, each year providing over 40,000 breeding sows and 500,000 pigs of high quality.

Our farming activity ensures:

- Closed breeding farm

- Automatic feeding system to ensure hygiene and bio-safety

- Strict periodic disease prevention and vaccination procedures

- High quality animal feed, without antibiotic residues

- Feeding according to the nutritional needs of animals in each stage

Cooperative farming
In order to utilize the advantages of each party, increase breeding effectiveness, households can cooperate with Mavin. While farmers take responsibility of farm construction, Mavin will take care of input, management of main production process as well as output. Farmers will take care of facilities management, waste disposal and authority contacts. By cooperate with Mavin, partners got their output and input covered, as well as technical support, result in stable income.

For further information, please contact: Pig farming department – Tel: (0321) 3921 921

Automation feeding technology at Mavin pig farms: